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Your alcohol consumption reflects your health and your health is our priority.


If you have reached a point where you feel your drinking habits need to change you can seek help and support to take back control. 


As a private patient you may be eligible for a prescription only medication that is used to support you in reducing the amount of alcohol you consume.


We work with Paul Turner, Specialist Alcohol Treatment Nurse Prescriber, at AHT (Alcohol Home Treatment). He will consult and advise on a detox programme or if suitable, The Sinclair Method of treatment (TSM).


TSM has been extremely successful in helping thousands of people take back control of their drinking and alcohol dependency. 


As our private patient the choice lies strictly with you as to whether you want to tell your NHS GP.


Click here for Claudia Christian Ted Talk on The Sinclair Method. 


To make an appointment or for more information:

Call 0121 308 8876 or email

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