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for Children

Sutton Coldfield

0121 308 8876

Ages 9 months and up

Long-term protection

Terrific experience, nurse was lovely with our little boy.


What a lovely, friendly, practice. My daughter has mild autism, we were shocked how Rose didn't cry having her injection. I will recommend this lovely practice to everyone. Thank you so much.


Chickenpox Vaccinations


Contact The Oakley Partnership today to arrange highly effective chickenpox vaccinations for children aged 9 months and up.


Two doses are required and are given 6 - 8 weeks apart.

The vaccine not only provides long term protection but can also prevent infections from developing in those who haven’t previously had chickenpox.

The disease can result in significant loss of income for parents who need to take time off work to care for infected children unable to attend school.


It is much more serious in adults who did not have chickenpox in childhood and can be especially dangerous in pregnancy for both mother and baby.

For baby, childhood & adult vaccination fees click here.


Speak to us for more information or to arrange an appointment

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