The Enriched Culture Medium (ECM)


Carrying Group B Strep has no symptoms and whilst most babies born to women who carry the infection will not become infected, for those who may, it can be very serious. New-born babies are most vulnerable to infection which can lead to septicaemia, pneumonia and meningitis.


Though the NHS screens with an ‘all purpose’ test there is an additional test – the Enriched Culture Medium  (ECM) test - available to women who are 35 weeks pregnant.


The ECM test is recognised as the gold standard test for Group B Strep carriage, but it is not commonly available within the NHS. You can find out more details on the Group B Strep Support website by clicking here .


Although a home test is available, you may prefer the swabs to be taken by a qualified nurse here at our practice. This will ensure a greater degree of accuracy when the samples are obtained. We send the swabs to the lab to be processed on your behalf. We will contact you with your results and discuss your next steps should you require preventative action at the onset of labour.

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