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Pneumonia Vaccine

Sutton Coldfield

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Brilliant! All admin staff were very welcoming and helpful, and Hannah the nurse was lovely and very informative and willing to answer all questions. I would recommend this clinic very highly to others.


Exceptional! From making an appointment, through arrival and consultation. The whole experience is first class and professional throughout.


Pneumonia Vaccinations


Contact The Oakley Partnership today to arrange highly effective vaccinations to protect against Pneumonia (Streptococcus Pneumoniae). Vaccination costs £99.


The vaccine we use offers protection against 23 strains of the bacteria. This is only available on the NHS to those aged over 65, or those with additional health risk factors.


Pneumonia is a likely complication of influenza and other respiratory infections, including coronavirus (Covid-19), particularly for individuals with additional risk factors. 


The risk of Pneumonia is higher:


- With increased age

- For smokers 

- For those with weakened immune systems

- For those suffering from other health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and liver and kidney disease.

To make an appointment today:

Call 0121 308 8876 or email 


Speak to us for more information or to arrange an appointment

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