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If you have changed your diet and increased your activity levels and are not seeing the results you desire, you may be eligible for a clinically approved injectable regime that is used to aid weight loss in addition to your diet and exercise programme. 


A consultation with Dr Eccleston or our Nurse Prescriber is straightforward and you will be given an initial 15-minute appointment to discuss your weight issues in detail. The practitioner will weigh you, calculate your BMI and check your blood pressure. They may take a blood sample to measure level indicators for cholesterol, liver, kidney and blood sugars.


As a private patient the choice lies strictly with you as to whether you decide to tell your NHS GP but there are no reasons not to – you are now in control of your weight loss journey.


For more information on injections for weight loss please click here.


To make an appointment today:

Call 0121 308 8876 or email

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