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Dr Eccleston and our Nurse Practitioner, Hannah Alden, have personally trained with Dr Marian Gluck who is one of the world’s leading pioneers in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy BHRT and works closely in partnership with The Marion Gluck Clinic.


There are a number of treatment options for symptoms of hormone imbalances across all age groups for both men and women and 

each patient presents a unique set of hormone disparities.  


If you are looking to address symptoms associated with hormone imbalances such as menopause, andropause, pre-menstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, and post-natal depression you can arrange for a private consultation to discuss how bio identical HRT could help you. 


Bio identical hormone replacement therapy BHRT is only available privately and differs from treatments offered by the NHS in that it is 100% identical to the chemical structure of hormones found in the human body and consistent with the body’s normal biochemistry.

Please print off our initial consultation questionnaire and fill it in and send it to us or bring it with you to your appointment. You can check the hormone questionnaire to see if you are symptomatic and look at the consultation process for more information.  


For more information on BHRT click here or visit here .


To make an appointment today:

Call 0121 308 8876 or email 

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