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 Antibody Tests

Rapid test or quantitative test: further information below.


0121 308 8876

These tests are only indicated for patients who have recovered from symptoms for at least 7 days.

Brilliant! All admin staff were very welcoming and helpful, and Hannah the nurse was lovely and very informative and willing to answer all questions. I would recommend this clinic very highly to others.


Exceptional! From making an appointment, through arrival and consultation. The whole experience is first class and professional throughout.


COVID-19 Coronavirus

Instant Antibody Tests


The Oakley Partnership is pleased to be able to provide coronavirus antibody tests for patients who have recovered from symptoms for at least 7 days.

The test enables detection of two types of antibodies against Covid-19. Made in the UK and Europe, these tests carry the quality control CE mark, and they are MHRA approved for use by medical professionals. The test is a rapid test and is conducted at the practice while you wait, by a medical practitioner, with results delivered in around 10 minutes.


We are also able to provide the Abbott antibody test, which is PHE approved, and is for patients who have recovered from symptoms for at least 4 weeks before testing.

What does the Covid-19 test look for?

The antibody test looks for signs that you have been infected by Covid-19 recently, or in the past, by looking for an immune response present in a blood sample. The test looks for two types of antibodies:

(i) IgM antibodies which are short-lived and may indicate that the virus is still present, and you are still infectious.

(ii) IgG antibodies which appear later, indicating past infection and likely immunity. 

We do not yet know yet how long these antibodies may last and provide resistance to reinfection, but based on other viral infections, anything from a few months to a few years seems likely.

What is the procedure?

On arrival at the practice please telephone to confirm your attendance and discuss any questions you may have with Dr Eccleston. (0121 308 8876).

In order to minimise the risk of transmission, we aim to maintain safe distancing. 

Please ensure your hands are clean and have alcohol gel to sanitize your hands thoroughly before the test. 

Finger prick testing will be performed outside of the premises, through your car window. 

You will be asked to wear a surgical mask during the testing process, if you have one, please bring it with you. We have limited supplies of masks at the surgery.

The test will be processed inside the practice under clinical conditions and you may drive home.

We will advise you of your results, which will usually be ready within 10 - 20 minutes. (Subject to workload and demand)


How accurate is the test result?

The accuracy of a positive finger prick test is of the order of 99%. 

All positive cases will be notified to NHS England – this is a legal requirement and does not fall under GDPR. In this instance we will advise on any steps necessary to protect you and your contacts.

In the case of a negative test, you may still be incubating the early stages of the virus, so you may still be a risk to others. If symptoms develop, a further test is strongly advised.

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